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This week, the republican order and its excesses, its excesses, its militarization, from the cave of Ouvéa, in New Caledonia, in 1988, to the mega-basin of Sainte-Soline, last month. A cultural detour, from the minimalism of Helmut Lang, a meteoric stylist, to the maximalism of French musicians who took over disco. And, for once, encouraging signs for the planet on the occasion of Earth Day.

Good news for the planet

View of the Abruzzo region, Italy (Gran Sasso and Laga Mountains National Park).
View of the Abruzzo region, Italy (Gran Sasso and Laga Mountains National Park). ARTE FRANCE

The Abruzzo region is desertifying? It’s good news ! Mountain sections are dynamited in Germany? More good news ! “When we are told about the planet, it is generally to tell us about disasters”explains the voiceover to introduce the series Good news from the planet. It was time for a change: two episodes are broadcast as part of Arte’s Earth Day special programming, this Saturday from 5 a.m. to midnight.

The first, Give back all its place to nature, makes us discover old abandoned industrial sites where nature has reasserted itself: in Abruzzo, where wolves and Marsican bears have reappeared; in Germany, in the old Eifel quarries, repopulated with grand dukes; in a disused lignite mine in Cleveland, USA. All punctuated by lively humorous asides (on the hen or on the mating of the kakapo). Same in On the way to the city of tomorrow, exciting from start to finish. From the metamorphosis of Medellin, a former Colombian city in the hands of drug cartels, to the construction of earthquake-resistant houses in Indonesia from recycled plastic. Also to be noted in this special programme, the unprecedented In the kingdom of earthworms. C.Pa.

“Give nature back its rightful place”, by Tanja Winkler (Germany, 2023, 43 min); “On the way to the city of tomorrow”, by Tanja Winkler (Germany, 2023, 43 min); “In the kingdom of earthworms”, by Anna Pflüger (Germany, 2022, 52 min). Available on Arte.tv on demand.

From Seattle to Sainte-Soline, the militarization of law enforcement

By following the mobilization of “yellow vests” since the fall of 2018, journalist Paul Moreira questions the repression of social movements. It deciphers, in France and elsewhere, a militarization of practices and equipment for maintaining order, worthy of authoritarian regimes. The journalist confronts the people in charge at the time, all certain of having prevented the worst with their methods, which highlights the testimony of Norm Stamper.

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